Are Pitbulls Really As Dangerous As People Say?

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Are Pitbulls Really As Dangerous As People Say?

Are Pitbulls really dangerous?

Are Pitbulls really as dangerous as people think?

For some reason Pitbulls have gotten the bad end of the stick and have gotten the bad reputation as being very dangerous and aggressive. even more so than all other breeds of dogs.  But is that really true?  Are Pitbulls really dangerous?

Well that all depends.  Of course the dog’s genetics will come into play but the main factor is environment and training.  Sometimes some dogs are just born more aggressive than others but for the most part this will happen with any breed, not just Pitbulls.  What matters the most is how you raise and train your Pitbull.  If you can train your Pitbull from a puppy to know how to act around people and other dogs then he or she will be just as dangerous as any other dog breed.  So the answer to the question ‘are pitbulls really dangerous?’ is no.  Just like a Golden Retriever can be overly aggressive and mean if it is taught to act that way, all breeds of dog can.  But in the same vein, any dog breed can be trained to be nice and sweet – including Pitbulls.

Of course you want to make sure that your Pitbull will know how to act around people and other dogs.  This is  especially important if you have children.  Having kids around, especially your children’s friends they might not know how to act around a dog and they might do something the dog might not like.  They might accidentally hurt the dog or do something to aggravate the dog.  AndiIf your dog happens to bite or hurt someone, whether it be a kid playing too rough or the mailman walking up to your house, you will be held liable and you and your dog could suffer the consequences.  And if your dog is a loved part of your family this could be the ultimate penalty as they could be put down if the attack is bad enough or if it happens multiple times.  At the very least your mailman could stop bringing mail to your house and the local pizza place might not deliver to your house anymore.  That is why it is very important to train your Pitbull properly.  If you have a Pitbull or are planning to adopt one, and want to make sure that he or she will be as sweet and loving as possible and limit the aggressive tendencies, you have to know how to train your Pitbull.  And it is best to know how to train Pitbulls in particular, so make sure you check out something like the Pitbull Dog Breed Training Guide to learn how to train your Pitbull properly so you will make sure that he or she won’t become overly aggressive and further the stereotype of the mean Pitbull.


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